About Us

Leathersy is a private web store, selling Mr. Knight handmade Leather crafts.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Major of my leather is vegetable tanned and comes from Italy or Argentina.  "Tanning" is the process of converting animal skin into leather. "Vegetable tanning" is using the tannins found naturally in tree bark and leaves to react with the proteins in the animal skin, creating a new durable material called "leather". This is one of the oldest methods of making leather and has been used for thousands of years. and it is ECO leather, can touch skin directly.

Leather Aging

All vegetable tanned leather darkens and develops a natural patina over time with exposure to natural elements like sun, water and oil. After several months or years, a vegetable tanned product can acquire a rich unique patina that is strikingly different from how it looked when brand new.

Leather Conditioning

I will lightly precondition all of my leather products with Neatsfoot oil or Mink oil, a natural product derived from cows or mink. There is no need to add oil or conditioner to your new leather product. Over time, Vegetable tanned leather can be lightly cleaned and conditioned by buffing briskly with your hand or a soft cloth. This friction slightly heats the leather and brings its natural oils to the surface. You may wish to condition it with neatsfoot oil, mink oil or your preferred leather conditioner, but do not use Shoes conditioner, because it content wax, wax can clog the pores of vegetable tanned leather, make leather hard, even will be uneven discoloration phenomenon stain.

If the new Vegetable tanned leather splashed with water or oil, it will leave a dark mark, for water, it will disappear soon, but oil will stain your leather, but do not be so depressed, alone your wear it, the leather color going brown, the mark will turn to invisible.